Moving? Don't Bring Your Junk With You

Why People Get Rid Of Stuff

December 10, 2022 8 Read

Are you moving to a new home in a new city? If so, you’re probably wondering how to eliminate unwanted furniture and stuff. You don’t want to move them with you, but getting rid of them can be a hassle. This blog post will discuss ways to get rid of unwanted furniture and stuff for free or at a small price. This post will also discuss how professional junk removal and furniture moving companies can help make the process easier for you.

When most people move house, they want new stuff to match the overall look of their new home. More often than not, the belongings or furniture they have in their old homes will no longer fit in. There are times when the amount of existing furniture they own is too much for their new home, especially if the move is for downsizing. People who plan to downsize to a new home are faced with what to do with their old belongings. Should they bring all their belongings with them to their new space or just the specialty items? People moving to a smaller, downsized home will want to utilize as much space as possible and keep only select items to bring to their new home.

Some people who move to a new city may do so because they want a fresh start. For whatever reason, they may not want to bring their old furniture with them to remind them of things in the past. In cases like this, they may want to remove unwanted furniture and belongings.

For people who want to get rid of used and unwanted furniture, there are several options that they can explore. Some options may earn them extra money by selling their old furniture. This extra money can add to their budget for hiring moving companies to help them move. There are options for moving unwanted furniture for free. Instead of selling the items, people can donate them for free provided the donees shoulder the pickup.

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Furniture, and More

Moving house is stressful, and removing unwanted furniture items can add stress. However, there are several ways you can get rid of unwanted furniture, household items, and other stuff without spending too much money. With careful planning, you may eliminate your unwanted heavy furniture for free. Here are some ways to get rid of old furniture for free or at a minimal cost.

Have A Garage Sale

A garage sale is a great way to eliminate unwanted furniture and other household items. You can easily set up a garage sale in your driveway or front yard and advertise it on social media. Some social media groups focus on garage sale events, so you can easily find customers interested in your unwanted stuff. A garage sale is a great way to make extra money while removing unwanted furniture and stuff. The garage sale proceeds you get from selling all the household items you won’t bring can add to your budget to pay for moving costs.

Tips For A Successful Garage Sale

If you want to sell old furniture at a garage sale successfully, here are some tips you can follow.

  • Set up signs around the neighborhood so people can easily find your garage sale. The more advertisements you have, the more likely you sell more stuff.
  • Price items reasonably. You want to price your items to sell. You cannot sthingstems if you price them like they are at retail stores.
  • Keep the area neat and organized. If you want to sell stuff, potential buyers must know where to look for them. Group items accordingly; for example, all kitchen gadgets should be organized in one area while other items such as electronic gadgets are grouped in another.
  • Attractively display household items; for example, you can use sheets to create display walls for small articles or books.

If you don’t have time to organize a garage sale or don’t want to sell your unwanted furniture, several donation centers accept old furniture for free. Donating unwanted furniture items and appliances is also a great way of helping those in need. Your used furniture may help young couples just starting a new home. Your old furniture may also be helpful for people who are renovating their homes. Some people may find creative ways of using old furniture and repurposing them into something new. Find out which organizations and shelters near you accept donations of old furniture and contact them to schedule a pickup.

One benefit of donating old furniture is that you can apply for a tax deduction if you donate unwanted but usable furniture items to a charity or shelter. Make sure to get the receipts for tax deductions.

Give Them Away To Friends

If your used furniture items are still in good condition, you can always ask friends and family members if they know anyone who would be interested. You can also post on social media to reach more people and let them know what kind of furniture items you have to give away for free. Most people will grab the chance to get free stuff, especially if they are in good shape, so you can rest assured that somebody will take your used furniture off your hands in no time.

Sell Used Furniture Online

Another great way to get rid of large furniture you don’t want to bring to your new home is to sell them online. You can advertise a moving sale and provide a list of all unwanted items and kitchen gadgets you are willing to sell. You can even include unwanted books you won’t bring to your new residence.

Leave Them For Curbside Pickup

You can also leave unwanted furniture and items by the curb for curbside pickup. Some cities or counties have special recycling centers that collect discarded furniture, carpets, mattresses, and other old items for free. You may check with your local government to find out if any pickup services are available in your area. Likewise, it is best to check with your local government on their policies for leaving unwanted furniture on the curb.

Professional Junk Removal Companies To Help You

If you do not have the time to deal with unwanted and old items, you can hire a professional junk removal service for a cleanout and removal service. Professional junk removal companies can help load and transport unwanted furniture from your house or office in no time. Hiring a professional junk removal company is likely more expensive than other moving furniture solutions. Still, it’s often worth it for large furniture moving jobs as they take away all the stress and hassle associated with getting rid of unwanted stuff.

All The Moving Expenses Associated With Moving To A New Home

When moving to a new house, there are bound to be many expenses associated with the move. This includes transportation fees for all unwanted furniture items and other items. Moving unwanted house furniture can add up quickly, especially if you have lots of it! So, planning and starting de-cluttering months before your moving day is essential. That way, you’ll have more time to eliminate unwanted house furniture and other items, so you don’t have to bring them along on the big moving day.

Moving Costs For DIY Movers

If you’re opting for a DIY move, you’ll likely have to spend time and money finding the best moving supplies. This includes packing supplies such as moving boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, etc., which you could buy from your local office supplies store. These materials are necessary to keep new furniture secured during transportation to your new house. You may also need to rent a moving truck or van if you don’t have one.

Moving Costs For Professional Removal Companies

Hiring professional furniture moving companies can help reduce the stress and hassle associated with moving unwanted furniture to your new space. The cost of hiring professional movers will depend on several factors, such as the distance of the move, the size of your stuff being moved, the number of crew members needed, and other services requested. If you are on a limited budget, you can save time and avoid losing money by removing unwanted heavy items and house furniture, such, as an old pool table, before hiring movers. The less stuff you have to move, the lower the moving cost you have to pay.

Tips To Lower Down Moving Costs From Professionals

You can still lower costs if you plan to hire professional furniture moving companies. Here are some tips to help you save money on your furniture moving expenses:

  • To save money, try to move unwanted house furniture and other items yourself before hiring professionals. You may even get extra cash if you start selling them at a garage sale or online months before your move.
  • Get a free quote from multiple removal companies and compare them according to the services offered and the fees charged.
  • Ask for discounts or promotions, such as discounts for seniors or military personnel.
  • Research if the company offers DIY moving tips or videos to help reduce costs for professional movers.
  • Hire moving companies from the location you are moving to. That way, you can save on fuel expenses as they will already be there when the move date arrives.


Moving unwanted furniture and items from one place to another can result in unwanted costs and stress. That is why planning your stuff-moving strategy months before the big moving day is important. If DIY moves are impossible, professional removal companies are available for hire. Follow these tips to lower the costs of hiring moving professionals and ensure unwanted house furniture gets off your hands quickly and safely. Ultimately, with the right plan and preparation, unwanted furniture and items can be moved from one location to another easily and cheaply. Call a professional furniture and junk removal company today and start moving unwanted stuff.